Why are we tolerating the use of junk science against those in the medical profession? A direct question that begs for a direct answer.

I am no epidemiologist or statistician but as with pornography I know junk-science when I see it. Almost all of these tests were introduced with little or no evidence-base and, as with most of their endeavors, they did it below board via loopholes and cutting corners.

Disrupted Physician

 “That everyone shall exert himself in that state of life in which he is placed, to practice true humanity towards his fellow men, on that depends the future of mankind.” – Albert Schweitzer 
“By and by never comes” –St Augustine

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“A day’s impact is better than a month of dead pull”-Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

 I am looking for a few honest and credible statisticians, biostatisticians or epidemiologists who want to make a difference in the spirit  of service and helping others.  I can’t pay you but you would be combating injustice, corruption and dishonesty.   You would be doing your part in helping the Medical Profession, honest and decent doctors, our country and  perhaps our future.  

It is only a few public policy steps and minor changes in state regulatory statutes before what is described in the ASAM White Paper on Drug Testing comes to fruition.  Before we know it…

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One thought on “Why are we tolerating the use of junk science against those in the medical profession? A direct question that begs for a direct answer.

  1. You have to ask “why”? It is a very simple answer—-MONEY. The medical boards/monitoring programs refer to their own “internal” circle of providers. Those providers make a crap-ton of money. They find problems with addiction even when there are none to increase their own revenue. Then they send their reports to the boards, which show on paper that their actions were justified. Getting more “bad” healthcare providers justifies the jobs for the losers sitting on the medical boards/monitoring programs. And around and around it goes. Why is there an 80% recovery rate in the programs? Because there are a whole lot of healthcare providers that are being mandated into programs that are not addicts to begin with. It is very easy to stay away from alcohol/drugs when you don’t abuse them in the first place. This corruption really needs to be addressed in a criminal fashion, as they are violating the False Claims Act on a daily basis. And that’s the least of what they’re doing.

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