MD Sues NC Medical Board/Physician Health Program-A Prototypical Case

Multiple similar stories being shared on Medscape. This needs national and mainstream media attention!

Disrupted Physician

A prototypical case involving PHP and Medical Board. PHPs’ integrity varies state by state depending on:

1. How entrenched the FSPHP is in the state PHP

2. Whether that state’s Medical Board has become a partner in PHP’s crimes.

It is very curious that states who have had a Medical Director who has also been President of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs seem to be the worst of the violators.

Based on over 200 responses I have received on my PHP survey [PHP Survey], North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts and Washington State are physician career destroyers whereas West Virginia seems relatively unscathed (although I have learned that the FSPHP has been attempting to impose its “PHP-Bluprint” on the Board with some resistance.

What you see here is a classic case. Physicians and med schools urgently need to become aware and take a stance of resistance to…

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  1. Marc A Bauder MD ABFM AASEM Addiction Medicine, Geriatrics

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    “Listen to the patient. He is telling you the diagnosis.” — Sir William Osler


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