Identifying A Psychopath

When you hear the term “Psychopath”, are your initial & reactionary evoked thoughts, ones of Stone-cold Serial killers, Torturers , & Animal abusers? You would be forgiven for saying YES,  however the phrase Psychopath is often misunderstood, partly due to the various gory blood splattered Hollywood films & TV shows that portray them in this certain way. Examples would be […]

2 thoughts on “Identifying A Psychopath

  1. An insightful post, Dr. Langon. Thank you.

    For more reading about recognizing and dealing with pyschopaths, sociopaths, and malignant narcissists in (and out of) the workplace, I *highly* recommend the blog, House of Mirrors, written by the adult child of narcissistic parents. Her blog entries are riveting, informative, and the best I’ve read on this topic. Here’s a link to one of her many articles:

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