Question Authority: The Need for Anti-Authoritarians in the Medical Profession

Disrupted Physician

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Anti-authoritarians question whether an authority is a legitimate one before taking that authority seriously.  images-24To evaluate the legitimacy of  an authority it is necessary to:
1. Assess whether they actually know what they are talking about.   2. Assess whether the authorities are honest in their intentions.
When anti-authoritarians assess an authority to be illegitimate, they challenge and resist that authority.
There is a paucity of anti-authoritarianism in the medical community concerning groups that have gained tremendous sway in the regulation of the medical profession.    There is, in fact, an absence of anti-authoritarian questioning  of  what is essentially illegitimate and irrational authority.
Most doctors are unaware of the impact these organizations have had on both the regulation of the medical profession and social control of individual doctors.  Through “moral entrepreneurship” and “bent science” these groups have successfully swayed both policy-makers and the public to support an agenda not supported by reality…

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3 thoughts on “Question Authority: The Need for Anti-Authoritarians in the Medical Profession

  1. Dear Michael,

    Why questioning an ‘authority’ if I view it as illegitimate, corrupt, self-proclaimed, and unethical?
    I would not question the authority of ASAM: it is a society which I really can’t understand why it continues to exist, their past is dark and turbulent, it is unnerving to know that these coercive and illegal practices (e.g., forensic fraud) are used by PHPs on a daily basis against US physicians, disregarding completely the principles of medical ethics, motivated to get a financial profit from their systematic and widespread wrongdoings.

    I will no longer question the authority of ASAM because I disrespect the core principles of their society. Nonetheless, I will continue questioning the statements of legitimate, ethical, and evidence-based authorities (e.g., you).

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  2. As scientists it is by definition that we “question authority” whether that “authority ” (read POWER) is given via legitimate or illegitimate means. Keep questioning. No one is safe from these sham groups that have ruined so many lives in the name of “helping” or “for their own good” What a load of BS!
    Michelle Boucher PA

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