Request that Massachusetts Medical Society acknowledge or refute professional, ethical and criminal misconduct by Physician Health Services (PHS, Inc.)

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Kim Sawyer

The bystander
The silence of one bystander is agag
powerful voice.
Their silence is more powerful than
the silence of none.
The silence of two bystanders more
powerful than one.Featured Image -- 48380
The silence of three bystanders
more powerful than two.
The silence of four bystanders
more powerful than three.
And in the limit, the silence of the
bystanders converges to
the voice of the wrongdoer.

Disrupted Physician

Oliver Wendell Holmes, the Massachusetts Medical Society, Tinsel Erudition and Pretended Science Redux

images-10As the oldest medical society in the United States the Massachusetts Medical Society can count some of the greatest minds in the history of American medicine as members.  My how far we have fallen.  This same author has previously unintelligibly compared the field of medicine to Barbra Streisand’s face and shamelessly and opportunistically blamed the Boston Marathon bombing on “marijuana withdrawal.” 
The sophomoric mnemonics are neither clever nor illuminating.  Unworthy of  Readers Digest circa 1957, this dumbing down of doctors needs to end.  The very soul and practice  of medicine is being castrated and lobotomized by the same dull and very very blunt instrument. 
How does one reconcile the fact that the very same medical society that publishes the New England Journal of Medicine is allowing this type of tripe and rabble to get past editorial review?  In…

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