An Open Letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren Regarding Laboratory Developed Tests, Physician Health Programs and Institutional Injustice


1.  Open letter to Senator Warren

2.  Information on laboratory developed tests (LDTs)

3.  How laboratory developed tests (LDTs) were introduced without FDA approval and have no oversight or regulation

4.  How laboratory developed tests (LDTs) are killing doctors

5.  How these same people plan on bringing these same non-FDA approved LDT tests of unknown validity to others (including students and children) to  put more coins in their purses

Originally sent March 17, 12015. I Have not yet received a reply from Senator Warren and am concerned it may not be reaching her. Perhaps others can help me ensure she receives it.  Please help get this addressed and contact Senator Warren through her office contacts below.  I will keep you updated.

Washington Office
317 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-4543

Boston Office
2400 JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street
Boston, MA 02203
Phone: (617) 565-3170

Springfield Office
1550 Main Street
Suite 406
Springfield, MA 01103
Phone: (413) 788-2690Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 9.54.30 PM

Disrupted Physician

An Open Letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren Regarding Laboratory Developed Tests, Physician Health Programs and Institutional Injustice.

I can think of nothing more institutionally unjust than an unregulated zero-tolerance monitoring program with no oversight using unregulated drug and alcohol testing of unknown validity.   But that is what is occurring.   Some of us are trying to expose this corrupt system but barriers exist. As with the Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), those involved have intentionally taken steps to remove both answerability and accountability.  Both the tests and the body of individuals administering these tests are notable for their lack of transparency, oversight and regulation.  This renders them a power unto themselves.

Doctors (and others coerced into Professional Health Programs) across the country have reported going to law enforcement and state agencies only to be turned away.   The Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP)  has convinced these outside agencies that this…

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8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren Regarding Laboratory Developed Tests, Physician Health Programs and Institutional Injustice

  1. The Rosenhan (PHP) Experiment
    This ingenious experiment which was reported in “science” in 1973 revealed the profound injustices that were common place in psychiatry . I encourage readers to read this for it reveals what many medical professions are subjected to on a routine basis. 200 Pseudo patients (NON PSCHIATRIC individuals ) reported to a mainstream psychiatric hospital and NEARLY 100% were diagnosed with AND forcibly treated for schizophrenia. In the final arm another mainstream hospital (which took offense to this experiment) challenged Rosenham to do this experiment. Rosenham agreed . The hospital reported that they were able to exclude nearly 50 of the “pseudo patients” within a 2 week span. The reality was that Rosenhan sent no patients and these were in fact routine usual referrals .
    I was sent to the PHP in Maine in 2000 by a hospital for perceived disruptive behavior under the guise of a alcoholic construct, This after I reported a pediatrician (Dr. Rene Fornier .a hospital established elite) for abandoning her inpatient for 5 hours while this patient laid in the ICU , actively seizing. Her boyfriend (Dr George Karagory ) a PHP graduate called his “mentor” Dr. John Dalco of the Maine PHP . The rest is history, for 2 years after a 3 month stay at the Farley program and perfect compliance in the PHP I was assigned a PHP psychiatrist. Dr Grimm” who I was forced to see despite having an established Psychiatrist,. This quack came to my workplace in front of the entire staff and corralled me out of the clinic in a scene reminiscent of “one flew over the coo coos nest” . This occurred after I was deposed for my patient as the plaintiff’s key witness in a case where my patient was killed by my employer Hospital, TAMC, in northern Maine. I later acquired a staff memo ,which was dated the same day as she removed me from my position. The memo indicated a discussion of my constructed “mental condition” and future employment “in a medical staff meeting .
    Dalco the then director of the PHP reported me to the Board of medicine (osteo) . I was left without a job, no “advocacy” and no lawyer . In the course of the investigation in which the board spent 13 months and nearly 20,000.00 dollars I was homeless and without work (bankruptcy, divorce…). Dalco in the usual PHP sociopathic manner accused me of sending out anthrax laced letters and causing the positive findings of his PHP clients who failed their drug test . I apparently had access to his PHP records and was able to covertly administer drugs into their food. He also convinced his drug addict patients to send powdered letters from Northern Maine to his office in central Maine in order to suggest that it was from me. The board admitted that they instituted a “search and destroy” campaign against me because of Dalco’s behavior
    To make a long story short in the end Dalco was forced from the PHP I eventually settled a lawsuit against the hospital and psychiatrist and my career was destroyed. The Medical board dropped me from the PHP but to save face forced me into a consent for PTSD. The board found absolutely no valid evidence that I ever had any issue with patient care or committed unethical behavior. but stated in the consent that the mere presence of PTSD , a common condition for many PHP victims, was a cause for action under the catch all “unprofessional conduct ( a common code phrase for medical board actions that have no basis). The board actually justified their actions by reporting that the presence of PTSD ” could lead to problems with trust (sic) and cause symptoms that could affect patient care. Had I had a lawyer or the resources to fight this I would not be on this website. I was sanctioned for something that could happen, for a condition that was caused by these fools !!!!!
    Following the lost of the his PHP position Dalco who retained his PHP position in Massachusetts initiated a action against my license in Massachusetts. The problem was that I did not have a license in Massachusetts and as such was unable to pursue any legal avenue. I was unable to prevent a scathing report to the data bank which reported that I have a psychiatric and a substance condition which affects the safety of patients. This resulted in the suspension of My unconditional license in Virginia which would be granted if I renter the PHP!! I have been unable to get hired or retain hospital privileges. I have been in solo private practice ever since, ironically with no support or hope for a reasonable career . The current Maine PHP is affectionately named the “Dalco House” (gag) and continues to be used to punish whistleblowers and/or any medical professional who does not tow the line..
    Consider a Rosenham type approach with the PHP . Maybe we can expose them for what they are, a corrupt group of despots who are destroying good people under the false pretense of public safety. They are predictable, morally corruptible and quite frankly not that bright , I am all in!!!

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  2. • Restore JUSTICE -fix “ROBBER-ISM” first; NOT to benefit “MURDER-FRAUD-CRIME-INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation.

    • Too much rhetoric, false, misleading, unjust manipulation! Meaningless!
    • Restore JUSTICE -fix “ROBBER-ISM” first; NOT to benefit “MURDER-FRAUD-CRIME-INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation.
    • The most urgent serious problems here and overseas: ROBBERISM”= “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation = bad guy propaganda to help/benefit/self-promotion among themselves; victimize others = destroying freedom, fairness, democracy, capitalism; continuing, on-going; expanding; penetrating every segment of our lives, including civic non-profit, women, minorities, churches, nonsense studies, proposals, block grants, “think tanks”, etc.
    • OPPOSE PUBLIC FINANCE MATCHING SMALL DONORS FUND – falsely named “Fair Election Act”, “Government by the People”… whatever. It is simply “Government by Bad Guys”.
    • Oppose Supreme Court decisions on Citizen-united, and on Mcclucheon on election campaign, and Koch Brothers Dark money and super PAC strategies.
    • Promote democracy, fair election, quality, competition, people input (policies, issues, officials, judges); televise public hearings, citizen/candidate forum/debate; maintain, disseminate meaningful accurate information, records, capability, reasoning, good sense of justice, public interest, endurance. Objective screening by meaningful rigorous examinations, evaluations for quality, capability, endurance and public interest.
    • UNJUST killing: not just gun shooting; false imprisonment, rehab, medication, injection, accidents, brutality, freezing, hungry…
    • Many people are misdiagnosed, hospitalized/ imprisoned as mentally ill, etc.; political prisoners; dissenters; victimized/abused – resources/properties/benefits (private, public; vet, Medicare, ssa, …).
    • Living wage=min. for survival in justice; but never enough in injustice: unlawful traffic tickets, fines, legal fees, other problems.
    • Agencies, doj, fbi,cia, nsa, dhhs,dot, …etc. local-federal have no accountability! Lots of problems: waste, abuse, official misconduct.
    • Urge @WhiteHouse, Congres, officials local-federal to investigate suppression/concealment of public comments/complaints; e.g., on federal solidarity CMU, DOJ, policing, correction facilities
    • PREVENT hidden agenda; not to divert taxpayers’ resources to benefit “BAD GUYS”; more law/caucus/task force and/or shuffling do not make government/contractors/churches etc. work better.
    • Urge to re-open/investigate/prosecute “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation; seizure, destruction; obstruction, tampering; denial of LIVES/resources/ rights/freedom/reputation; access/use of communication; phone, fax, media; equipment, facilities; computers, internet, social media; work, documents, files, petition/action sites, voters guides, websites, e.g., DNet (by League of Women Voters,;, Vote-Md, Project Vote Smart, media, links… ..more.

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