Persuasion Theory – The Belief Hierarchy Theory by Maral Cavner

Apropos to the rise of the “impaired physicians movement” and its current manifestation in the illegitimate, irrational and misguided “physician health and wellness” programs.

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Persuasion Theory – The Belief Hierarchy Theory by Maral Cavner

While all of the theories included within persuasion theory are interesting to me, especially in their novelty, the belief hierarchy theory was the one that resonated with me the most and also the one that seemed like the most realistic theory in terms of achieving its stated outcome. For example, I have a hard time believing that the silver bullet theory, which from my understanding is the theory that you can send such a well constructed message that will convince (kill) as much (or as many) as you need it to, is actually a realistic possibility for a single constructed message. I say this primarily because of the wide variety of opinions and the accompanying variability of conditions that each individual person could possibly require in order to be convinced of anything subjective. In contrast, the belief hierarchy theory, which…

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