The Plan to… Require Doctors to Drug-Test all Patients

Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

…”PHPs are intentionally misdiagnosing substance abuse and behavioral disorders in physicians who do not have them in order to give them unneeded treatment and force them into monitoring contracts to both make money and gain control.

It undermines the very integrity of the profession.  It is particularly vile when the betrayal of trust involves doing the opposite with what one was entrusted.“…
— Michael Lawrence Langan.

Read more: The Plan to… Require Doctors to Drug-Test all Patients.

Please sign and share this petition: 

MA State Auditor Suzanne Bump to Demand Audit of Corrupt Physician Health Services and the MA BORM Physician Health and Compliance Unit

Do you want to be ‘stuck in the middle’ with the ASAM?

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