Medical Urban Legend–The Legacy of the 4 MDs and why B.S. Needs to be Identified from the Get-Go!



Disrupted Physician

photo “Because I can Biotches! That’s right..because I can!”

According to G. Douglas Talbott, rehabilitation programs that evaluate and treat the rest of the population for substance abuse issues are incapable of doing so in doctors as they are unlike any other inhabitants of our society.   Physicians are unique. Unique because of their incredibly high denial”, and this genetically inherent denial is part of what he calls the “four MDs.” Used to justify the thrice lengthier length of stay in physicians the “four-MDs” are as follows: “M-Deity”, “Massive Denial” “Militant Defensiveness” and “More Drugs.”
He states that “Impaired doctors must first acknowledge their addiction and overcome their ‘terminal uniqueness’ before they can deal with a drug or alcohol problem.”

Now some  doctors are arrogant undisciplined egotists but narcissistic personalities exist in any profession and expanding traits that may apply to a small percentage of doctors to include all doctors as a…

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2 thoughts on “Medical Urban Legend–The Legacy of the 4 MDs and why B.S. Needs to be Identified from the Get-Go!

  1. one disturbing thing about inpatient 12 step programs is the manner in which they ignore data. maybe 20 years ago, results came out about inpat 12 step programs reporting 70% relapse rates for etoh tx. higher for opioids. it was supressed/ognored.
    reminds of the data on same sex dv, which indicated high rates of dv among gay couples. this data was squelshed when I was working for nimh providing tx to abusers as part of a dod research project. the reason for supressing data? it undermined the accepted feminist model that dv was a function of male power and control. interestingly the data just recently became widely available.
    oh and the research project i was providing treatment in for 10 years? it found tx essentially didn’t work. the data was totally ignored by state funding agencies who continued to use this tx as the model.
    mental health tx/substance abuse tx in the country are hugely problematic and the results are increasing mortality rates, social chaos, and unecessary human suffering.

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