Should Addicts Be Forced Into 12-Step Rehab Programs? No

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For some persons the remedy should be merely prescribed; in the case of others, it should be forced down their throats.” — Seneca: Letter 27 – On the Good which Abides

NO REMEDIES have to be forced down the throat of HUMANS unless the case involves an emergency situation (e.g., activated charcoal administered through a nasogastric tube in a patient seriously intoxicated with organophosphates).

Treatments have to be sought by a patient willing to receive medical treatment for their condition (e.g., drug addiction).

Prescriptions (pharmacological or non-pharmacological) must be discussed with the patient.

Forced interventions such as forced psychiatric therapy (used sometimes to addict patients) is considered as torture by governmental (e.g, United Nations) and non-profit organizations (e.g., Mad in America). I also name It as torture: red or blue…

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12 thoughts on “Should Addicts Be Forced Into 12-Step Rehab Programs? No

      • Thank you Doctor. I got out of a relationship with someone who had many many past traumas. Abandonment issues (no father), Sexually abused as a child and didnt seek therapy until later in life, had a crack cocaine addiction and recovery in her early 20’s, learned of an attempted suicide during that time and had stomach cancer in her late 20’s and developed deep depression and it might have been reoccuring will we were together, she kept it away from me that she was on and then taken off anti anxiety and anti depression meds. Her personality was extremely up and down. Very dark at times, with visible signs of depression and paranoia, extremely angry and had many rage attacks. I believe her decision making was highly effected and chaotic causing, perhaps close to a borderline or bipolar, even narcissitic at times by all if not some of these issues. I had to leave because I had run out of answers in helping her, knowing it was a mental/emotinal issue and not wanting to get my children more involved than they had already been (she was good to my children when they were around, but her paranoia led to some false allegations to child officials). It still bothers me that I will never had the answers to her mental state. I guess now that I am gone im trying to put it all together. She did some very bad things to me that were inexcusable, but I could see that she had a good in her that couldnt escape her past afflictions. Thank you for the article and if anything I said can lead you to another article pertaining it would be greatly appreciated. Im sorry for this long winded rant. Im a good person looking for answers to something I experienced. It changed my life to say the least.


  1. When I followed trail to original post and viewed the video, I was greeted by an ad offering to read “my” criminal record online? WHY? It really undermines my interest in visiting this site – fine if a blogger okays ads, but shouldn’t he be a bit smarter in his choices? It appear to be an exploitive ad that makes incorrect assumptions about who might be viewing these blogs.


    • Unclear what you are talking about. Neither my blog nor “chaotic Pharmacology:” have ads. Are you referring to a blog three times removed that “chaotic pharmacology” referenced? If you happen to look at many of the blogs I reference they would have the same type of ads. These are the groups we are against. I think you are way off base here


      • This was an ad superimposed on the video itself. Maybe the poster isn’t aware that the ad is there? I’m not sure who posted it since it seemed to have been copied more than once? One gets an impression of a blog (positive in this case) – I actually read posts, don’t just click like, etc. and get frustrated with what often is time-wasting material. Yes, I’m Asperger and my reactions aren’t typical.


  2. Dr. Langon. I have been following your blog for some time now. Since you are familiar with the procedures of chain of custody and forensic vs clinical lab collections perhaps you can help me. I have been terminated from my monitoring contract and awaiting word from board. This past Dec. I appeared to submit for drug testing. The test requested was for 10 panel plus fentanyl. I signed and initialed the COC paperwork and noted the lab being requested on the form. The lab that was actually performed was for an ETG which returned as positive. I did not drink which as we know does not matter. Obviously someone authorized the change. My question is this. The specimen was collected forensically. in order to change the lab requested would someone also have to authorize changing the forensic lab to a clinical lab?? As in your case, does this monkeying around possibly implicate the MRO? I have been unable to locate an answer to that specific question and would appreciate your thoughts. Money is tight but I am willing to request a forensic packet if need be. Thank you.


    • Yes, what the PHP will often do is contact the collecting lab and add on an EtG when they want to 1. nail someone who they consider a problem and 2. Towards the end of the 5-year contract so they can start the contract anew. I just heard about one poor surgeon I knew from high-school who was coming towards the end of this five year contract in WA state (for a single DUI he got in 2009, a mistake for sure but not one you should lose your career over) and they gave him a positive as he was ending the contract and pulled him out of work–he went home and hanged himself.
      With an EtG it is much easier to produce a positive test and they do not have to go through the trouble of sending it as a “clinical” sample as they may simply ask the collecting lab to leave the sample out at room temperature for 48 hours and then send it.

      I would definitely obtain the litigation packet to ascertain where it was and under what conditions at all times. Is your attorney one of those recommended by the PHP. If so, be warned that most of these attorneys are not working in your best interests. Once a contract is signed the PHP will tell you that you need an attorney for your dealings with the Board and give you a list of 3 or 4 recommended lawyers. These attorney’s, although ostensibly working for you, will only work within the framework of the PHP. They will basically tell you you need to do anything and everything the PHP says or risk losing your license, enforce the collection of lab fees and reinforce the AA 12-step doctrine. They will never contact the labs and never address the rampant violations of the Establishment Clause in terms of forced AA. Many of these attorney’s are “in recovery” themselves. My attorney refused to even contact the labs involved in the forensic fraud, refused to address the Establishment Clause Violations when I protested being evaluated at an ASAM facility and was asked to obtain phone numbers from fellow attendees at supposedly anonymous meetings. When I brought the issue up of the PHP harassing and asking personal questions of the few fellow attendees who did give me their phone numbers he replied “well how is PHS supposed to know that you aren’t just paying someone to say you were at the meetings.” It was at that point I realized he was not working for me and I have now heard from doctors in dozens of states that this is the same M.O. Just like the “PHP-approved” assessment centers it is a false-choice shell game. So I would get an independent attorney, obtain the litigation packet, and file a complaint with the College of American Pathologists. They are the only one’s who can investigate these non-FDA approved LDTs.

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