Massachusetts Office of the Commissioner for Public Health has ignored direct evidence of medical board corruption and felony crimes for 8-months:  How many bodies must be buried before anyone acts?    


screen-shot-2016-02-09-at-3-40-26-amAs long as the state Board enjoys the total support of the judiciary and the Governor’s office, as it does in the face of massive evidence for fraud, institutional corruption and conscious violations of the Constitution and human rights, good physicians shall have zero protection from vindictive bureaucrats running payola schemes with official protection from the MA Supreme Judicial Court. And the patients of Massachusetts shall continue to run from pillar to post to get good individualized and timely care.screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-11-21-47-pm

Evidence that the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine (BORIM)  is rife with institutional corruption involving fraud and other criminal activity is easily available.  Reports of ethical…

Source: Massachusetts Office of the Commissioner for Public Health has ignored direct evidence of medical board corruption and felony crimes for 8-months:  How many bodies must be buried before anyone acts?    

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No takers thus far!  What can we conclude from this?   That answer should be crystal clear.. If Sanchez did not commit at least three felonies then this records and all the  other prizes would have been gone in a heartbeat.  No one’s even tried.

Why am I doing this?  Because the usual tactic of these groups in the fact of any accusations is to

1) deny it

2) minimize it

3) use logical fallacy to dismiss, deflect, rationalize and otherwise bury  whatever it is they are accused of including conflicts-of-interest, absence of regulation and oversight, abuse, oppression, coercion, diagnosis-tailoring, fraudulent lab tests and multiple other precise and specific allegations.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.23.50 PM.png

The problem is these tactics usually work and everyone walks away complacent that these are just honest and decent folks doing their jobs helping sick doctors and protecting the public.   At the very least, it is assumed, there must be some grain of truth to all of it and they must have a good reason for doing whatever they did.   There isn’t and they don’t. If that were the case then someone would be knocking at my door and I don’t hear anyone knocking.  Conclusion = Sanchez  committed 3 or more felonies.  Deny it, minimize it or explain it and all the prizes are yours.   You can’t and neither can they.  “We are good guys just protecting the public ad helping sick doctors” does not cut the mustard at this point. Ditto for medical boards.  “Not my department” is no longer an acceptable stance from agencies or individuals who could do something but look the other way.   Waiting for someone to do the right thing is not an option.   It won’t happen.

This can no longer be ignored with silence pain and simple.   Simple and direct questions deserve simple and direct answers.   Sanchez?  Stoller?  Bertram?  Rush-Lloyd?  These questions are simple and direct.  We are waiting for a reply.  Answer them.   I’m not going away and neither is the evidence. You will eventually have to respond.   This is not going away.   It will eventually reach a tipping point. This corruption will be exposed.  If you think you are going to get away with it think again–it is an inevitability at this point and I predict sooner rather than later.    The question is how many bodies is it going to take before that happens?  One thing is for certain–once the other shoe drops specific individuals will not be able to deny what they knew and when they knew it.