An apt and accurate illustration of the professional regulation of medicine in 2016 via Mel Brooks History of the World Part 1


It’s good to be the king!

Count De Monet: I have come on the most urgent of business. It is said that the people are revolting!
King Louis: You said it; they stink on ice.


Count de Monet: Gerald! Gerald: Count da Money! Count de Monet: de Monet… Monet! Say it! Monet! Gerald and Count de Monet: Moonnet, Moonnet, Moonnet Gerald, Count de Monet, Bearnaise: Mooonnnet! Count de Monet: Perfect, don’t forget! Give it to me again! Monet. Gerald and Bernaise: Monet.

Impoverished Paris Street Merchant: Rats, rats for sale. Get your rats. Good for rat stew, rat soup, rat pies, or the ever-popular ratatouille.

Other Street Merchant: Nothing, I have absolutely nothing for sale!